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Feed Housecleaning

Time to get out the mop and do some housecleaning. I'm amazed at how many feeds have gone stale in the last year.
Fortunately Google Reader has an "Inactive" feature for trends.


A380 - Engine Destruction test

Good to know they test these things...
4:28 - the thing looks like a bomb.


Photosynth of Inauguration

Nice photosynth of the Inauguration. 


New Year Wishlist part 2 of many...

Last year I wrote a post with 10 holiday wishes. Let's recap, and add some more for 2009:

1. PC to Phone. Free. Via the web, all the better.
2009: Almost there, but as far as I can tell, to call a normal phone line, you still need to shell out some cash to Skype, etc.

2. Cell phone to house land line. Get a call on your cell? House phones ring.
Haven't seen this yet. 

3. Localized services on phones. And I don't mean ads. How about "Locate coffee near me." No GPS; just cell tower triangulation. Could have had this in 1998.

4. Line-in on all car radios. 
Every rental car I've had in the last year has had this. Done!

5. USB jacks everywhere. Free. Such as airplane seats.
Logan has this at some cafe seats, and AirCanada has two ports at every coach seat. Done!

6. Automated image naming on cameras. "It has been more than a day since you turned on your camera; are you in a new location?"
C'mon!!!!! This should be so easy...  At least my Nikon D40 has on-the-fly folders.

7. Automated time zone updates [for computers, cameras, etc]. "This network connection is in {latitude}. Would you like to change to {timezone}?" 
Nope, nadda.

8. Expiring emails. (Bonus; Outlook provides this. Kinda)

9. MS Office "Personalized menus" banished from all existence.
The ribbon's been a nice change for Offfice. But Vista still wants to think for me...

10. Users who choose to accept personalized menus banished from all existence.
No comment.

New for 2009:
11. Blackberry Storm which works. Better than iPhone.

12. Complete digitization of all periodicals. We're close.

13. Electric vehicle under $30k and fun to own. The Prius is 10 years old. C'mon cough-Audi-cough! Get that A1 out and make it a plugin.

14. Death of Twitter. Yeah, I said it.


XBOX XNA: World Revolution

Remember Missle Command? Same thing, only in 3D. Brilliant.


Grudge Match: John McClane vs. Death Star

Dug this up from the archives... Grudge Match



This was perhaps the single most influencial film of my childhood. And it has Jeff Bridges returning!


Air Traffice Control Simulator


Analag Digital Clock