Google Analytics to KML

(via OgleEarth) Analytics2KML is a third party service that turn your Google Analytics data into KML.
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Tetris - From Russia With Love

BBC documentary about Tetris and its creator Alexey Pajitnov. Check out the 8 inch floppy at 11:02.


The hardest puzzle in the world

Also see the Isis Site
We gotta solve it by the end of next may!

Convert an air sketch into an object

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Original Signal - Gadgets

Meta-aggrigation of all that is gadget.

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Audi R8 part IV: Bang & Olufsen audi-o (get it?)


Crave: The CNET Gadget Blog

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For some of the items that Pete doesn't have time to blog, the CNET guys invented Crave, which reports about solar/wind powered security cameras, robotic hands that can play the piano, and designer wall outlets. Read often, since they update all the time, and the RSS feed that you should drag into your firefox toolbar only holds the last 10 posts.


Burning Man Kite Photography


Amon Tobin Hyundai Ad

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Alright, so it's another car commercial with an Amon Tobin song. But the body art is cool.

Lexus' self-parking car

RoboOne can do chin ups

Even I can't do a chin up like that.
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Rubik's Cube Solver

Finally can get that darned 2x2 solved (it's harder, I swear)



Just How Small Are We?

Relative sizes of objects in the universe
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Pumpkin' Chunkin'

Only 30 years to retirement....
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Cornell in Perspective

One of the first all-CG animations. Created by Don Greenberg in 1971.

New type of boat

New type of catamaran

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Google is my favorite browser

The internet is made of a bunch of tubes.

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Retro alert

Finally, the ORB concept has gone USB, and looks great to boot.
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No words to describe...

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All the weird watches, ever


Soccer Skills

Nothing to do with tech, but man, this kid has skills.


Watches: 2001 X-01

2001: A Space Odyssey - Kubrick & Hamilton team up to prototype the future.
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Audi R8 part III

There're just no bad views of this car.
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Timelapse Photo

A creative way to show a timelapse.

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Fast Ship?!?

Spacey does Walken does Han Solo


Burning Man in 3D


Cult of Mac

Microwave Furby

The title says it all.

Transforming a 2D image into 3D


Burning Man in Google Maps/Earth


Audi R8: Cutaways

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New MS Mouse


Physics Game