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Holiday wishlist part 1 of many...

1. PC to Phone. Free. Via the web, all the better.
2. Cell phone to house land line. Get a call on your cell? House phones ring.
3. Localized services on phones. And I don't mean ads. How about "Locate coffee near me." No GPS; just cell tower triangulation. Could have had this in 1998.
4. Line-in on all car radios.
5. USB jacks everywhere. Free. Such as airplane seats.
6. Automated image naming on cameras. "It has been more than a day since you turned on your camera; are you in a new location?"
7. Automated time zone updates. "This network connection is in {latitude}. Would you like to change to {timezone}?"
8. Expiring emails. (Bonus; Outlook provides this. Kinda)
9. "Personalized menus" banished from all existence.
10. Users who choose to accept personalized menus banished from all existence.

That's all for now. More soon.


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Rands in Repose


New Wiki competitor Lunarr

New document management software from Hideshi Hamaguchi of Cybozu fame.
Press Release from David Wolman


All of TV in one place

A catch-all for TV shows; all free!


Ski Trail Painting

After F1 track tester, I'd put this high on my list of jobs I'd rather have.
via The Map Room


Cornell Racing in DARPA Urban Challenge

Go Big Red!
Cornell Racing

Animated Sculpture

Ben Hopson makes some intriguing kinetic sculpture.


Cannonball run in 32 hours

Randolph highway patrol sunglasses, 20-gallon reserve fuel tank, Tasco 8 x 40 binoculars fitted with a Kenyon KS-2 gyro stabilizer, military spec Steiner 7 x 50 binoculars, Hummer H1-style bumper-mounted L-3 Raytheon NightDriver thermal camera and LCD dashboard screens, front-and-rear-mounted sensors for a Valentine One radar/laser detector, flush bumper-mount Blinder M40 laser jammers, redundant Garmin StreetPilot 2650 GPS units, preprogrammed Uniden police radio scanners, ceiling-mount Uniden CB radio with high-gain whip antenna.
32hours7minutes.com, Google Earth map via Wired