Keycounter - Usage Trends

This is a great app. I've had it running for a week. It lets me see when I've been productive, and when I'm trolling digg in a mid-day slump.
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SpaceX: Falcon 1 Successful


Atari Modern Classics

Portal as an Atari 2600 game.


GPS Guided Aerial Camera


Ferrari Motorcyle

Myth Busters: Mona Lisa by Paint Gun

A bit old by 'net standards, but man is this brilliant.


Hospice Clock

Some very elegant clockworks. Hospice Clock

CAD on the iPhone


5-axis interpolated machining.. say that 5 times

Need this for the shop

One Terabyte in One Second

This is perhaps the best out of box experience I have yet had with computer equipment. 1. Opened box. 2. Plugged in power cable. 3. Plugged in USB. Done. A full terabyte ready to go immediately. And at $210, I can't complain. Of course in another 4 years, I'll need 5 Tb.
Western Digital One Book


Stephen Hawkins' Corpus Clock

Elegant way to tell time.
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Update: Make Magazine w/ a video


Amazon "On Demand" Video

Old news, perhaps. But looks like a good addition to NetFlix streaming.
Amazon On Demand video.
Oh, and here's the cancel page


Billboarded hours in a watch

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Netflix Patent #6966484

So simple but so effective.
Netflix Patent

Race version of Audi R8

It's Friday, time for some car porn.
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