Veoh vs. TiVo

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Watch porn: Junghans

I really like this Max Bill Chronoscope. The Attaché Agenda isn't bad either.


It's Bacon!!!!

Since returning from 7 weeks travel, during which time I was on a PC less than 4 times for more than 10 minutes, I've returned to the cubicle life with a few new perspectives.

Perhaps one of the most striking is inanity of merchant emails. Which makes it all too coincidental that Wired's August Jargon Watch includes "

It has been an exhausting process to clear my preferences for these sites. So far, the most difficult has been easyJet. That's what you get for an $8 flight from London to Bangkok.


Flight Simulator in Google Earth

Who knew?
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CVT worth using


Audi A1 / Metroproject

Audi just reads my mind. A shame the R8 doesn't have the plugi-in concept.
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Virtual Earth modeling tool

Modeling tool for VE. A shame it's from Dassault...

Virtual Earth joins Bird's Eye with 3D

Excellent usage of Photosynth with Virtual Earth.
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Back from sabbatical

Took some time off and traveled all over. Need to decrompress. So here's Family Guy.

Family Guy Parody - Ferris Beuller - The most amazing videos are a click away