Automatic Beer Launcher


Varsity Laser Pointer


Activiating auto-Geotagging on Flickr

Good tip on the Garmin blog "Chet's Corner" mentioning automatic Flickr geotagging.


GeoCaching -> GE Network link

Old news, but still worthwhile: Frank at Google Earth Blog mentions the Geocaching Network Link.

Tips & Tricks: Google Reader

Google Reader has made RSS addiction much harder to kick. That and the bookmarklet which they offer to instantly absorb a feed on a page, and suddenly I have 50 feeds that I have to keep up with.

Google Trends helps track which items I'm reading most. My tip is this; create a folder, named "0 Top" or the like, which you add to your more frequent feeds. This way, you can start your reading on these critical feeds, without jumping all over the folders.


Catena Wall Clock

Kinetic Sculture "The Source"

Caught this in an old Wired article


24 vs. ATHF

via Boing Boing

Arcade Classics: Race Drivin' & STUN Runner

Midway Arcade Treasures 3

I mention this one because it was a pivotal game for me. This was the first true 3D, physics-based game I had played, and at the time ('88?) it was extremely advanced. I probably dumped $50 for a couple hours when I first saw it at the Computer Museum in Boston.

This next one consumed me a couple years later. Graphics were no better, but it was a great driving game.


Time+Water+Art = clock

One nice wall clock that is a series of tubes that fill with water

Appointment coach

I'm not sure if I like this or not. Conceptually it's brilliant. Practically, I think I'd turn it off the first time I was late. I mean, how will it gauge how fast I drive? And how can it know about traffic conditions, or how long it takes at Starbucks?

via Engadget


Prose Analysis

Generate your own word frequency cloud, and some other statistics.

For example, the
Clerks monologue on the fate of the Death Star:

Total Word Count: :633
Total Unique Words: :297
Number of Sentences: :73
Average Words per Sentence: :8.73
Hard Words: :45 (7.11%)
Lexical Density: :46.92%
Fog Index: :6.31


Rollerskatin' skateboardin' robot