Your car is a gas hog.

I4U News - Loremo: The Ultra Efficient Car - 157MPG!

Too bad it has "no conventional doors." I guess you either have to Luke Duke it, or have it built around you. Like those bottles of liquor with the pear in them.


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Rubik's Cube in 4 Dimensions

No problem.
4D Rubiks Cube


Flight Path Clutsers

No words to describe.


Tech Drool Challenge: Build a Better Hybrid

A few friends have aquired Priuses (Prii) over the years. They tend to be die hards. Some have put in the "no gas" switch, letting them keep the car in electric mode. I've read of kits which add more batteries to extend the range.

So here's my challenge: Design a hybrid which optimizes size, performance, weight capability, and range, yet has the most diminutive gas engine possible.

Why? Consider this; if the entire engine of a Prius was removed (and all supporting components; tank, pump, etc), I'd bet enough weight was saved that you could replace it with batteries of equal weight, and perhaps double the range of the original battery. Same performance, double range, with no gas. Plug it in overnight, or while at work, and you're set. Zero emissions (from the car, I mean).

Now, the grid may not always be available. No problem; put in the most efficient small turbine possible. No matter it takes a while to charge; the car would tell you your range before you started the day. And gas stations could offer a battery swap. Need 50 miles fast? $10 for a swap. No problem.

Ultimately, my aim is to optimize a commuter hybrid, which is only expected to go 10 to 30 miles a shot, but have a range of about 75 miles at maximum charge.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Vista first looks

Some screenshots of Vista
PC Mag

Honda Choir Commercial

Great U.K. commercial For the Honda Civic - all the sound is from an acapella choir.

From some site

(The google video link has a really poor quality AVI of the same thing)
At Google Video


The Mechanical Universe

Free lunch to anyone who can get these classics from the 80s downloaded.
Look at these graphics; that's 20 years ago!


Know your Controller Family History

The Atari 2600 still reigns supreme.
Retro Thing


Making of the new Airbus


Google Maps on TiVo, XBOX 360

No need for a PC. Well, yes, you need one, but you get to see the map on your TiVo or 360. And the PC is in another room. But you're on the couch. Not at the PC. And the maps are on TV. And the PC is in another room.
Google Maps Mania

Wiki: ISBN Lookup

Wiki just keeps getting better. They have an ISBN lookup page, which offers just about every database on the planet, which references a given ISBN.
See this example: 0520217284


Google Earth: Earthquake Widget

Darn Macs. From OgleEarth


Novel demonstrates linux OpenGL virtual desktop/Expose-like features

MacBidouille.com : Bidouille hardware sur Mac

This kills expose! (at least in looks, if not functionality)

Check out
Video 1
Video 2


Tablet UI done right.

I need this. Now.
Tech behind it: research


Varsity Lego II

Born 20 years too early...
Heavy equipment


Lego Babbage Difference Engine

Similar to the
Tic Tac Toe machine,
but a bit more intelligent.


Perfect 3D environment maps

Get perfect reflection maps by taking a spherical picture of your environment.


3D Patterns on Oblique Surfaces

Very very cool.
From TechBlog


New High Speed Photography

Some new digital tricks with high speed photography.
From TeamDroid


Google Earth on your Dashboard

Yup. Now they just need it in a handheld.


Gates' Taxes needs a BIG Computer

Seems the IRS computers do not have 64 bit capabilities for Gates' taxes.