Holiday wishlist part 1 of many...

1. PC to Phone. Free. Via the web, all the better.
2. Cell phone to house land line. Get a call on your cell? House phones ring.
3. Localized services on phones. And I don't mean ads. How about "Locate coffee near me." No GPS; just cell tower triangulation. Could have had this in 1998.
4. Line-in on all car radios.
5. USB jacks everywhere. Free. Such as airplane seats.
6. Automated image naming on cameras. "It has been more than a day since you turned on your camera; are you in a new location?"
7. Automated time zone updates. "This network connection is in {latitude}. Would you like to change to {timezone}?"
8. Expiring emails. (Bonus; Outlook provides this. Kinda)
9. "Personalized menus" banished from all existence.
10. Users who choose to accept personalized menus banished from all existence.

That's all for now. More soon.


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