One small step for a 20 channel toy, one giant leap towards Robotech.


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U-Knight is cool - no doubt about it - but it's still just based on the original KHR-1 platform like most of the Robo-One robots. If you liked it, you're going to love the new ROBONova robot that Hitec is scheduled to release in mid-November.

I saw it in Akihabara yesterday and immediately fell in love with it. It makes the earlier robots look like back of the garage prototypes. ROBONova is really going to rock. Hitec has done it right all the way from a more solid frame, beefier servos, a classy look, and software that includes a lot more functionality and expandability like ROBOBasic.

And, somehow, they are going to market it at a lower price than the older Kondo robots. It's still expensive - right around 98,000 yen for the basic kit, but delivers much better price performance.

And the robot in motion? The best description I can think of is a Robot Ballet. This page has some photos and links to videos of the soon to be released robot: http://www.robots-dreams.com/2005/10/robot_ballet_vi.html

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