The Caffeine Injection Machine

For a site that is dedicated to the caffeine rush and technology - I thought I would kick it off with my new favorite "combo plate" for the two... You just can't beat the Jura Automatic Coffee Machine

After a little research I found this particular Jura model which is Swiss made (knowing our affinity for Swiss watches this makes sense) and falls right into the middle of the price range but has pretty much every feature a man could want in an espresso machine - to sum it up the ability to; Grind, Tamp, Brew and Clean all in less than one minute! Now that rocks.



Blogger Peter said...

Starbucks 16 oz latte: $3.50
Amortize this thing at 5 drinks a week, and it would still take me a couple years to break even.

But I gotta say it makes great espresso.

1:58 PM  
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